What Are Smart WiFi Routers And Why You Should Care

You don’t need any crash course or what a router is nowadays because a lot of people know what it is. Most people also know only a few things about it, 1st that as long as all the lights have the same color everything is okay and 2nd if the WiFi light indicator is blinking, the WiFi is okay (which everyone cares nowadays). There are many indicators but those are the only things that most people care about including y, gone are the days that people care about DSL too much.

One thing that has not changed is the complicated process in setting it. If you’re a novice in that sort of thing no matter what you do you will still end up calling a technician. But that’s all about to change because now in the age of seemingly easy and “no sweat technology” setup comes a router that doesn’t need to be set up extensively and its called a smart router or a wifi smart router.

So what are smart routers or wifi smart routers? These types of routers are types of routers that will make your life easy. Just plug, set up with simple terms and in less than a few minutes you’re all set! These things are targeted to the many people that don’t know how to set up a router, no need to call a technician because it’s made to be installed without them. Plus you don’t even need to do all sorts of contortionist positions just to manage the wiring because it only has one of two wires to plugin and everything else is configured in your mobile device.

Google WiFi vs Eero

Should you need one? If the question is whether you will need one? You actually don’t unless you really want good wifi minus the dead spots. Most people think that the wifi performance is based on how fast their MBPS is and that is the biggest factor of all, but not everything. Its also about how good your hardware is and usually if you really want to maximize your wifi connection you need to buy the best routers for it, which requires a technician’s help. With smart wifi routers, you don’t need to anymore.

What smart wifi router should you buy? If you want to buy one there are already a few good ones in the market today. Two brands that are notably good in this department are Google and Eero. Either one product from both brands will serve you well. Ths it doesn’t really matter much spec wise as long as you choose from both.

There are a few good reasons why you should buy a smart router and mostly because of performance, consistency, and ease of use. Although it can’t be denied that it’s costly, so as the most high-end routers there is that you still need a technician. There are already quite a few brands that have ventured in this industry but Google and Eero take the cake. If you want to know more about the products and the comparison of Google WiFi vs Eero, visit the link.