What exactly is a self- image?

Self image

 An image is a representation of someone or something. It also means the public perception of someone. Self- image refers to how a person perceives himself or rather how you perceive yourself.  This image does not pop up all of a sudden. It is the result of a number of self-impressions that have accumulated over time. It would include things like the hopes and dreams you nurture, how you generally think and feel, whether you have been doing what you want to do, etc. When the self-impressions have been positive most of the time, your self-image is also likely to be positive making you a confident person with positive thoughts and actions. On the other hand negative impressions are likely to reflect on the self-image negatively and could result in a negative Self image which might make you doubt your abilities and capabilities.

Factors that can influence or affect the self image

 We have already seen that Self-image is a result of the accumulation of a number of self impressions. However, these impressions are not solely created by you. in other words you are not the only person responsible for the impressions that have developed or stored in your mind. it is the sum total of a number of things which include

  • Self-image resulting from how you as an individual perceive yourself
  • Self- image that results from how others perceive you
  • The self-image that results from your perception of how others see you
  • The self-image that results from your perception of how you see yourself.

Self image

However, the point to note is that in the case of all these factors, it need not necessarily be an actual representation of you. there are chances for all, some or none of them to be true.

Effects of negative self-image

 Before we go on to find what a negative self-image can do to a person, it is important to consider the characteristics of a person with a positive self-image. A person with a positive self-image is generally happy, healthy and extroverted. They are confident because they consider themselves to be somewhat closer to what they consider as the ideal version of themselves. On the other hand a person with a negative Self-image sees oneself as undesirable and unattractive, they have a feeling that they are neither intelligent nor are they smart. They are usually unhappy and tend to be unhealthy as well. They seldom consider themselves close to the ideal version that they have in mind about themselves and also believe that others also perceive them that way.

How to develop  a positive self-image

 There are a number of ways in which you can develop a positive Self-image. Among them, meditation can be considered as an incredibly helpful tool in helping you build and maintain a healthy sense of self. It has the power to get even a person who is terribly affected by a negative self-image to recuperate and build self-confidence and self-love which eventually would help in building a positive self-image. Powerful affirmations can also help manifest abundance which in turn would help in building self-esteem, success and thereby well-being and a positive self-image.

 A positive self-image helps you achieve greater goals.  Work towards building it, if you already do not have one.