What is bitcoins? Know about it


Many of you may come across the word bitcoins in recent times but you may not know what exactly it is and also why more people are interested in it? In this article, you are going to know about the first ever created cryptocurrrency in this entire world bitcoins. It is digital money which was created in 2009 by anonymous figure in the name Satoshi Nakamoto.

With the electronic money one will be able to buy as well as sell goods and services and these days retailers who used to refuse bitcoin payments are shrinking every day by day. Therefore, we can say that this cryptocurrencies are going to lead this world in a short time. Though it is similar to national currencies, it offers numerous merits to its users than traditional money. Unlike currencies that are regulated by government, bitcoins have no one to have control over it and thus users can enjoy tax free transactions.

Since there is no intermediate involved in transacting bitcoins, the payments are done at a faster rate and also it will help you to do international transactions with less transaction fee. One of the aspects that you can enjoy with digital currency is you can create your money and it is made possible through a process called bitcoin mining. In this process users will create them by solving complex mathematical problems with the help of hardware. Hope you have got some knowledge about what is bitcoin and where you can use them in the market.