Which is the best foam for mattress?

Best Mattress In India

What should I buy? Which is better? Which material lasts longer? These are some of the frequently asked questions when thinking about getting a new mattress. We know that a good rest is fundamental in our daily life, we start the day with more energy, the head ready and prepared to face all our tasks, and above all clear. An adequate rest, also, decreases the stress produced during the previous day. So, having a comfortable and best mattress in India is important.

 High Resilience Foam

The term High Resilience or HR is mainly used in the rest sector to refer to the foams used to make mattresses from Isocyanate with a density of 25Kg or higher. The regular foam mattresses have a density less than 25 Kilograms at their core and the HR when exceeding this density offers much more adaptability and comfort. In general terms, the higher the density of HR, the more adaptability and resilience the product will offer us. There are also factors and components that can increase the quality of the foaming, therefore not in all cases is it always higher density equal to higher quality.

By having much more adaptability, it guarantees that the product will maintain its firmness and quality for a longer time. It also has much more resistance to changes in weather and humidity compared to traditional foam. The breath ability of HR is far superior to that of basic foam. This allows us that our mattress can rest on any type of base without problems.

Best Mattress In India

Cold Foam

Cold foam mattresses are made of polyurethane foam, which is foam in large blocks without additional heat (hence the name cold foam mattress). The cold foam mattress is finally cut from the blocks and made with a different surface profile depending on the manufacturer and usage.

A cold foam mattress has the following advantages:

1. Point elasticity.

2. Stores heat very well.

3. Good adaptability.

4. Suitable for allergy sufferers (no mite infestation).

5. 7-zone cold foam mattress.

Cold foam can be easily cut, making it possible to incorporate layered areas in the core through core cuts. There are normally 7 sleep zones, which are tailored to different areas of the body and supported by each of these areas with different degrees of strength. The shoulder area is usually softer and provides pressure relief along with lower performance than the shoulder area, while the pelvic area is generally tighter and supports the body more. The goal of sleeping areas on cold foam mattresses is to ensure that the spine is positioned straight in order to prevent back pain.

Memory Foam

 It is viscoelastic foam that is polyurethane foam, basically the same as a foam rubber, with the difference that some chemicals that are used for its manufacture differ a little because when they are used they achieve the property of “memory”.

This foam behaves differently depending on the temperature at which it is, since when it is cold it is harder and when heated it becomes softer, so it adapts properly to the shape of the body, dissipating the pressure in a very good, so it is therefore used for various medical and rest applications.

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