Which is the Best Homemade Carpet Cleaner?

carpet cleaning

People who love to live in a well-maintained environment never understate the importance of going for professional carpet and upholstery cleaning in Atlanta. 

However, it’s not practical to go for professional carpet cleaning services in Marietta each time your kid or pet ends up dirtying your beautiful carpet or you end up mistakenly spilling something.

In situations like this, in a matter of minutes you can clean it on your own. You can find all ingredients in your pantry easily which will help you save handsome amount of money.

What do you need?

White vinegar (1 cup) – It is a great ingredient to remove all kinds of stains, especially the ones created by your pets. You need to dilute it with water as it is really potent. As such, it is safe to use on most of the fabrics.

Salt (2 teaspoons) – Salt is very effective in binding up stains, especially the tougher ones such as those from red wine or cranberry juice. You can put some salt directly on the stain and leave it for a few minutes. The salt will absorb the liquid, post which you can vacuum.

Essential oil like Lavender (15 drops) – It will tackle the bacteria and virus living in your carpet, while keeping it safe for children and pets.

Water (2 cups)

How to make?carpet cleaning

You need to combine all the ingredients by putting them together in a large spray bottle. Once you close the cap, you just need to shake it well and it’s ready to be sprayed.

How to use?

First you need to blot up the liquid (not scrub!) from the spill or remove the solids to avoid it from setting. Next, you can use the solution just prepared.

All you need to do is spray it liberally over your carpet, shaking it every few minutes. Post spraying, you must wait for it to dry and then you can vacuum clean your carpet.

This will surely work! 

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