Why It’s Important To Have a DWI Lawyer in Rochester NY

Rochester in New York is known for its police controls and a high rate of DWI cases. If you’re one of those people that love to go out for a drink but simply isn’t leaving their car behind, you need to be aware of the possibility to become one of these cases. See the Rochester PD logs here.

DWI stands for Driving While Intoxicated. The New York state alcohol limit is 0.8 BAC. This is just enough to have an evening spend with some alcohol but if you over this line, not it is just dangerous to operate a vehicle, but it’s also a serious crime. If you do this more often it’s wise to have a DWI attorney on speed dial in case something happens to you or you simply get pulled over.

What to do if you get pulled over

You don’t have to get involved in an accident to be charged for DWI. If the officers pull you over for any reason chances are small you get away unnoticed. The person that will approach your vehicle will fast realize you’ve been drinking and will try to find more evidence to take you downtown.

If you get stopped by a state trooper you need to know your rights and obligations. First, you need to know that the officer is allowed by law to ask for your documents, but you are under no obligation to ask any other personal questions aside from telling your identification information. See more about your rights and obligations on this link: https://www.cheatsheet.com/money-career/important-rights-when-pulled-over-police.html/

For example, you don’t have to answer the question – have you been drinking? Also, you have no obligation to step out of the car and do the sobriety test. These are all steps of the officer to incriminate you and file charges.

Of course, there are a lot of tricks the police is trained to do to make you confess. That’s why it’s very important to have a legal representative by your side in these moments. Any lawyer will tell you that it’s better to be arrested than incriminate yourself at the scene. Until you get in the station, your attorney will also arrive and will know exactly what you must and must not say to the police.

What are you facing if you have no DWI lawyer?

As we mentioned above, not having a professional to guide you through the arresting process might be very bad for you. How bad? Well, the worst case scenario can be a few years in prison. If you have a professional to protect you, you might get away with only a cash fine.

Depending on how you reacted when you got into the accident or you got pulled over, you can get a high or a small punishment. The police will present the evidence in front of the judge who will make the decision. That’s why every DWI lawyer in Rochester, NY will advise you to say and do nothing if you’re sure that you pass the bar of 0.8 BAC.

Simply get arrested and go to the station. It’s much easier for the lawyer to find holes in the law and get you out if you didn’t incriminate yourself at the scene.

Another very important reason why everyone will tell you this is that alcohol simply evaporates from your body after a while. Until you get downtown and an inspector question you or you get a urine sample, the alcohol level in your blood will drop. If you’ve been 0.95 on the highway, you might get as low as 0.7 in the station. This will be enough for the attorney to have and play with better cards and get you out with less or no charges.


You can’t afford to go to prison. No matter what police record you have, or not have at all, you’re risking ruining your life over something that you didn’t think through well enough. Family, career, social reputation can all vanish because of this in just moments. That’s why you need a good DWI lawyer who will protect you. To be sure that your life won’t have a dark stain on the record forever.