Whys and Hows of Lakes and Dams Maintenance

Whys and Hows of Lakes and Dams Maintenance

In Australia, lakes and dams can be terrific attractions. However, in as much as they are eye-pleasing, they can also be a perfect setting for horrific instances that can range from diffusion of foul odor to plague spread (because water is a perfect medium for such instance!), if not well-maintained.

The Whys of Lakes and Dams Maintenance

So why exert money and effort for lakes and dams maintenance? Below are some reasons to ponder on followed by some starter steps in the maintaining them.


This is a crucial point for consideration especially to those who own lakes and dams for community, leisure, or commercial purposes. People would not want to come to a holiday or weekend getaway like picnic in a bare or dirty lake, for instance.

Increased value of service or property

This is true especially to those who own lakes and dams for commercial purposes. In a way, it is linked to the aesthetic factor mentioned earlier. The more picturesque the lake/dam is, the more chances it has in being featured through different strategic media like the internet or television, which can promote it to more Australians.

But aside from justifying certain rates to tourists, the concern on increasing value also applies to residential property owners who put up dams or lakes in their properties.

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Health and sanitation

Despite being a no-brainer, listing this as a reason to maintaining water bodies still remains to keep reiterating the important principles when it comes to water health and sanitation. First principle is that prevention is better than cure. Lakes and dams maintenance do not have to come as a one-time big time solution after a bad incident like spread of a disease in a community. Instead, it should come like a routine.

The Hows of Lakes and Dams Maintenance

Biological measures

In many aspects like agriculture, biological measures are considered as viable options for good maintenance and management. One specific step that can be undertaken is maintaining submerged plants in the water bodies. Healthy Land and Water enumerated some benefits of this method such as provision of refuge to planktons which consume the excess algae, as well as release of compounds and decrease of sunlight, both amputating the growth of algae.

Water aeration

This is important especially if the water has fishes. Through aeration, oxygen supply in the water is being improved, therefore reducing cases of fish kills. Aside from fishing recreational purposes, fishes are also considered important in maintaining lakes and dams especially the species that control certain algae.

Consult experts

The aforementioned measures could be good for lakes and dams, but it is better to know if they are the BEST for a specific situation because water maintenance is not a one size fits all. This is true especially for water aeration which could be a hefty investment.

To know which measure must be taken, reaching out to a trustworthy Australia’s full circle water body specialist to seek for long-term solutions in maintaining lakes and dams could be an option.

The Bottom Line

Investing on lakes and dams maintenance is not tantamount to money spent without payoffs. In fact, money spent on this can be a good seed planted. For instance, those who benefit from water maintenance service can learn so much from the consultants which they can replicate for future uses in their properties.