Day: December 18, 2021

Ron Phillips New York Offers Tips to Select The Right Furniture For Home

The process of selecting the right furniture for home can be a both fun and tedious process. It is not always simple to find the right furniture at affordable prices. At times, it can get particularly difficult to find items that match the personal style of a person and perfectly gels with the home décor they want.  While people like Ron Phillips New York who are the CEO of Johnny Boxspring Furniture & Mattress would not face much issues in selecting the ideal furniture for a space, not everyone has the professional insights and capability to identify the best possible furnishings.

Selecting the right furniture of a home that stands through the test of time and gels with their style can be a bit tricky.  Here are a few tips that can help people out in this process:

  • Select a Design Theme:  People firstly have to select a design theme for their home. While someone may want to go for a classic style, others might prefer something more sophisticated and modern. Depending on whether they want to have a number of decorative designs at home or want a simple, understated style, one should try and select the ideal design theme for their home. They must zero on the colors and tones they want at their house carefully and subsequently think about how diverse styles will look next to their existing furniture.
  • Stick to the budget: After deciding on the theme of the décor, people must carefully define their budget for the project. They should dwell on how much they should spend on the furniture, and come up with maximum estimates.  Gaining a proper understanding on how much one can spend on furniture and subsequently sticking to the budget will help people to make the smartest decisions.
  • Think about the Number of People:  The number of people staying at house is a key factor that would determine the type and size of furniture a homeowner actually needs. If someone lives alone, they would probably not need a massive living room set, and can simply go for a smaller sectional and a chair or two. Anyone with a large family, however, should try to go for a full-size sectional and a few chairs.

Selecting the right furniture for home like a professional may require a homeowner to reupholster, modify, and change diverse furnishing pieces to fit with the room décor. In addition to considering the aesthetic factors, one must also take into account certain pragmatic aspects when it comes to selecting the ideal furnishings for home. Whether or not the homeowner is able to keep up with the dimension and size of the space where they have thought to settle the furniture also needs to be considered. Owing to their industry experience, people like Ron Phillips New York are well-acquainted on how to select impeccable furniture pieces for a space.

Robert Turner Mentions a Few Advantages of Community Service

Community service involves the process of working for free to help the local community or the public.  Usually, most people try to engage in volunteering and social work near the area where their life so that their own community reaps the benefits of the work and efforts. Community service can help many different groups of people, ranging from children, senior citizens, people with disabilities, to even animals and the environment. Robert Turner, for instance, joins socio-civic activities in his local church, which includes home improvement projects and food drives.

When talking about community service, most people think of students. While it is true that a good number of people who choose to volunteer for community service are students, they are not the only ones.  Any person who wants to have a hand in improving their community can take part in such an activity.  Here are some of the advantageous aspects of community service:

  • Connects people to others: Volunteering has a huge impact on the community. In many ways, social service volunteers are the glue that holds multiple communities together. These activities enable people to connect to their community effectively and try to make it a better place.  Helping out in even the smallest tasks can actually make a real difference in the life of others. Dedicating time as a volunteer can aid people to make new friends, boost their social skills and expand their network.
  • Helps make new friends and contacts: One of the best ways to make new friends, as well as strengthen existing relationships is to commit to any kind of shared activity. Volunteering is an ideal way to meet new people, especially if a person is new to an area. Such an activity goes a long way in strengthening the ties of a person to the local community, and also helps them to broaden their support network. , exposing you to people with common interests, neighborhood resources, and fun and fulfilling activities.
  • Increases social and relationship skills:  Volunteering provides many people a much-needed chance to practice and develop their social skills. As they meet and work alongside a diverse group of people, the social skills of a person will automatically get honed.
  • Increases self-confidence: Volunteering can provide a good boost to the self confidence, satisfaction levels, and self esteem of a person. Doing good for others and the community gives a natural sense of accomplishment to people, and helps them to gain a sense of pride and identity. Doing good for others often helps people to gain a positive view of their life and future goals.

There are a lot of people across the world that opts to volunteer their free time through community service. There are many ways with the help of which they can do so, such as joining a non-profit organization, working with a church group, and more. Robert Turner himself is a regular churchgoer, and tries to help others and give back to the local communities through a variety of ways.

Top 10 States for Massage Therapists

Massage therapy is becoming an increasingly popular treatment option, and as a result, the field of massage therapy is growing. If you’re thinking about becoming a massage therapist, it’s important to consider where you might have the best chance of finding work.

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 states for massage therapists. These states offer the best job prospects, highest salaries, and most positive work environments. So if you’re looking to start or further your career in massage therapy, be sure to check out one of these states!

  1. California

California is home to some of the country’s busiest airports and seaports, making it a prime location for massage in Portland, OR looking to find jobs in travel and tourism. In addition, California is the third most populous state in the nation, with a growing elderly population. This makes it a great place to find work as a massage therapist if you want to be part of an established industry that’s been projected to grow by nearly 25 percent between 2012 and 2022.

How much can you make? According to Indeed, the average salary for a massage therapist in California is about $65,000 per year!

  1. Texas

Texas has long been known as a center for business and trade, which means there are many opportunities for skilled workers like massage therapists. Texas currently has over 172,500 health care jobs – but it needs even more people within its industrial workforce.

How much can you make? According to Indeed, the average salary for a massage therapist in Texas is about $60,000 per year!

  1. New York

New York City’s one of the biggest and busiest cities in the world – which means it has an enormous need for qualified massage therapists. In addition, there are plenty of spas and medical offices within the city that offer opportunities for employment in both traditional and non-traditional settings. The state also offers tax exemptions on earnings from services rendered by licensed medical professionals like massage therapists that help reduce your overall financial liability.

How much can you make? According to Indeed, the average salary for a massage therapist in New York is about $59,000 per year!

  1. Florida

Florida is a popular tourist destination, which means that there’s always a need for qualified massage therapists to work in the travel and hospitality industries. In addition, Florida is home to many retirement communities, making it a great place for those looking to find work as a massage therapist in an established industry.

How much can you make? According to Indeed, the average salary for a massage therapist in Florida is about $55,000 per year!

  1. Illinois

Illinois has one of the largest and most diverse economies in the United States, making it an ideal place for massage therapists looking to find work in a variety of settings. The Chicago area is especially ripe with job opportunities, but opportunities also exist in smaller towns and cities throughout the state.

How much can you make? According to Indeed, the average salary for a massage therapist in Illinois is about $54,000 per year!